Being is selling

Another week another….. guest blog!!! “Being is selling” is a piece by our SolutionsAcademy country head in Poland, Raf Szaniawski. He is a wonderful coach and mentor and inspires us in so many ways. Maybe he will inspire you, too?

‘How do I sell my coaching?’ – is the question I often get asked by course participants and coaches.

Most of us got into coaching to help people and a lot of us struggle with ‘selling’- growing business, the marketing, accounting etc….

And I remember how I was obsessed with getting my website polished and  getting a design of a nice leaflet about my coaching. And then there were crickets. No clients. Zero.

I then stumbled into the sentence that changed everything. I don’t quote it because I don’t remember the exact wording, but its essence was  – don’t tell me how good of a coach you are. Show me how good you are.

And this hit me and inspired me. I started finding all opportunities to coach. Pro bono, reduced price, friends and family, strangers…. whoever wanted to sit and be coached. I did things I would have not thought I was brave enough to do. This approach tested my self-limiting beliefs and let me redefine my relationship with my fears of failiure. Failure became my middle name 🙂 I get so many ‘No’s that I stopped counting.

But most of all, it has connected me with people all around the world. They experienced my coaching. I have become a better coach. They have started sharing my contact details and recommended me. And that opened a lot of conversations for me.

In a nutshell, my being became selling. 

Now, do not get me wrong. When you grow your business, you need to be an entrepreneur. You need to learn all the things to run a business- be your marketer, salesperson, banker… even if at some point you are big enough to hire people to help you. All this knowledge helps you navigate the world in a more confident way. However, at the core of your business is You with your unique skills which you only SELL when you ARE.

And that’s why we also help our coaches build these skills, sharing tools and concepts that already exist and can be used to become successful.

In our unique course Business Development Mastermind Group we help our coaches create ideas and opportunities for them to engage, network, coach and create clients through these conversations.

So if you ask yourself the question ‘How do I sell my coaching?’, join us in our weekly coaching meet up to share and explore a little further or come to one of our free tasters.

I look forward to meeting you.

Much love,


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