Being is selling


Another week another….. guest blog!!! “Being is selling” is a piece by our SolutionsAcademy country head in Poland, Raf Szaniawski. He is a wonderful coach and mentor and inspires us in so many ways. Maybe he will inspire you, too? ‘How do I sell my coaching?’ – is the question I often get asked by […]

Coaching assumptions: choose them wisely


Hi – this is Chris speaking. I am SolutionsAcademy’s global training director and love working as a mentor, coach supervisor and coach trainer. I’ll be contributing off and on to the blog, nice to meet you! Someone once said, when we ASSUME we make an ASS of U and ME. Recently we have been talking […]

10 ways to develop your sparkle in coaching


It is my firm conviction that whenever two people sit together and one person is trying to be helpful to the otherperson, something good will come out of it. There are as many ways of being helpful to one another as there arepeople in the world and none is necessarily better than the other. The […]

Coaching for clients in crisis situations


In 2004, I was vacationing with my family on the Maldives when the devastating Sumatra earthquake and the ensuing tsunami hit the idyllic flat little island that we were on. We all survived with some cuts and bruises, but the experience was very frightening. We responded in the way that my Solution Focused training had […]

When a coaching session is off track

off track

As you are coaching a client, a feeling slowly creeps up: You don’t know where the session is heading. Confused as you are, you first continue listening. Maybe, in the next moments it will become apparent where the client is heading. But alas, no real insight into what is currently happening is emerging. If you […]

When a coach is a paid friend


The actor Woody Allen is said to have talked to his psychoanalyst four times a week almost all his life. Maybe it kept him functional, I don’t know and I don’t want to judge. However, I think that becoming a “paid friend” is something that coaches should take care to avoid. Sometimes coaches are the […]

3 traps in coaching chemistry calls

mouse trap

In one of our coaching meetup and exchange sessions, one of our friends mentioned an awkward situation in a “chemistry” call: the potential client seemed to have not been made aware of the fact that she has a few things to work on. There simply wasn’t anything that the potential client wanted — so our […]

When a coach might lead the conversation

leading the way

The ICF core competencies and markers for ACC, PCC and MCC performance evaluations require of the coach to “partner with the client”. What is meant here is that the coach not only regards the client as the expert on their life and topic but also involves them into the decisions on how the coaching process […]

When a coach should not listen actively


Of course, a coach should always listen to the client! Our focus is with the client and they are the center of the conversation and deserve our full attention. One of the things that our clients is paying us for, however, is that we can help the client focus their attention in potentially useful places. […]

My new hire questions EVERYTHING!

Resistant employee

My colleague Chris and I were facilitating a “mastermind group” for leaders this week. In our experience, this is one of the best ways for an organization to improve collaboration and leadership: Invite small groups of leaders to reflect regularly on how they lead, on difficulties that may arise. In the “mastermind groups” the leaders […]