Arghhhs, my client is stuck!!

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In a really cool Facebook group where coaches hang out called ICF ACC PCC MCC Journeys (how about that for Alphabet soup!) someone asked the other day what our responses would be if asked: “My coachee is stuck, what do I do?” *Rolling up her sleeves* — here are some ideas: I don’t have a […]

3 steps to easy meeting planning


In a recent free meetup and exchange (register here), we discussed how to help leaders plan great meetings. Leaders often come to coaching with a request to plan or think through the facilitation of events, meetings, discussions etc. If you are acting as a coach, the main point is to help the leader see what […]

Bridging the Divide


Recently, I read a post of a coaching acquaintance on LinkedIn. She was re-sharing someone who was warning against vaccination as in their world-view it causes autism. The rationale that was given was that vaccines contain mercury – the post also warned against Covid-19 vaccinations. I quickly found the relevant information on Snopes and without […]

Is Solution Focus the BEST Coaching Approach?

the best

That depends on what you mean by “best”, of course. What would a “best” coaching approach entail? The most effective? The one that gives clients the easiest way to reach their goals? The one that goes “deepest” and creates most sustainable change? The one that clients love best? The bad news is that Solution Focused […]

Do this with resistant clients

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In Solution Focused coaching, we are assuming that clients want to cooperate. If we have the impression that that is not what is happening, it is in our responsibility as coaches to create the conditions for collaboration with the client. Usually, we just need to listen some more and suspend our judgement.

Coaching Freestyle?

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I teach “the theory of the approach with no theory” every year at a solution focused institute every year and as a part of that workshop, I usually give a coaching demo. This year, the participants were very surprised at my “freestyle” approach to coaching (their words). That got me thinking on “structure” and “free […]

3 steps to changing other people

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In leadership coaching, we are often asked to help leaders influence other people: their superiors, their direct reports, other stakeholders etc. Now we know that we need a coaching goal that is in the influence of the client in order to proceed. Other people’s behavior usually does not fall in that category :-). So what […]

Forming, Storming and Debunking Teamphases for Teamcoaches

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I started leading a team of 14 dedicated board members of ICF Germany as president in November 2020 we had our wonderful and inspiring initial meeting. Since we are all coaches and well steeped in the coaching-lore of our times we discussed how to form our team, and hence I stumbled once more across dear […]

Listening like a pro in conflict coaching


I got to teach one of my favorite classes the other day: “Solution Focused Conflict Coaching” and we were focusing a lot on how to help conflict parties to listen to one another with open ears. In conflict, most people listen in order to reply or, even worse, in order to refute the other person. […]

The 4 stupidest coaching questions

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Do I detect a little bit of “Schadenfreude” in your face as you clicked on this link? Well, I am experiencing some as it it always fun to think of “what NOT to do” (and more fun to then ask “what instead”). See me typing this with a little air of superiority and a slight […]