The impossible team coaching

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Last week I had a session with a few of our team coaching alumni. They had called for “first aid” — a kind of supervision session due to a team coaching process that they had started to engage with. As we always do, they had started with a lovely contracting with the manager of the […]

Reflective Practice: Developing Excellence

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The Solution Focused approach concentrates on a rich description of the desired future and a description of the instances in which this future was already present. As a social constructionist approach Solution Focused Reflective Practice shies away from inner explanations and instead concentrates on describing the preferred future or the instances of this future already […]

Donkey Coaching

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What is that? Are we coaching the gentle grey, long-eared companions (that I find absolutely adorable)? Nope. “Donkey Coaching” is a term coined by Federica — a lovely SolutionsAcademy coach from Italy. I don’t know about Italian donkeys, but I do know about German lore on donkeys: If you try to force them, they won’t […]

The perspective of the coffee machine

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The great thing about being a mentor and coach trainer is that I learn so much from my participants and mentor coaching or coaching supervision clients! This ingenious coaching move comes from Marleen, a participant in our German Coaching Fundamentals course. But before I tell you about the coffee machine, let me tell you another […]

5 ways to ask future focused coaching questions

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Future focused questions are some of the most powerful and transformational coaching questions you can ask. They invite the client to think about a preferred future and describe it in great detail. In a way, they help create a “memory of the future”, as we can only fill the story we are telling with experiences […]

Evoking a Coaching Culture

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“How do you “create” a coaching culture in an organization? What can I do to “establish” a coaching culture in my organization?” These are valid questions that HR, people officers, talent developers, organizational developers and leaders are asking themselves a lot these days. They have discovered the benefits of coaching and would like everyone in […]

Coach or Charlatan?

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How you can separate the wheat from the chaff with the help of the International Coaching Federation “Coach” is not a protected job title like “medical doctor” or “nurse”. These days, HR or talent development departments receive weekly offers from a wide variety of coaching providers. Some of them can be recognized easily as charlatans. […]

Coaching Buzzword Bingo

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We had a really interesting discussion in our Coaching Supervision training the other day. Some of us had participated in a global coaching initiative with many speakers from all corners of the globe and many different approaches. We were astounded by the prevalence of 1000 $ words: Neuroscience, Linguistic, Transgenerational etc. “Solution Focus is an […]

9 favorite coaching session starts and 2 really crummy ones


How do we start a coaching session? It is usually the coach who initiates the conversation by a question or an invitation to the direction the conversation might take. In our SF Masterclass, we collected a few beginnings and thought we’d share them with you. “How would you like to start the session, would you […]