Coaching F***-Ups: Not mentioning the obvious

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I have seen advertisements of “F***-Up Nights” in my social media. Apparently it is a mini-conference, where people get on stage to speak about their failures and what they learned from them. Recently, I attended a Coaching Open Space and one of the sessions was a “F***-Up” hour, where we exchanged what went wrong in […]

3 myths about body language in coaching

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The discussion on the importance of “body language” has experienced a renaissance with the advent of online coaching. Many coaches studied in schools which teach the importance of body language and (worse) it’s “correct” interpretation by the coach. Let me go through some of the “myths” around body language that continue to float through the […]

Does the client really want what the client says they want?

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Hi all, today I (Kirsten) have the great honor to introduce you to one of our participants and today’s guest blogger, Ruth Nelson-Andorf. Ruth is a Solution Focused Coach and helps clients create their thinking space to find the steps leading them forward. Here is what Ruth has to say about the above topic: Does […]

Coaching Mastery — is this a thing?

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How do you recognize a masterful coach? I mean, really. Not in the sense of: “which hoops do I have to jump through to get an ICF MCC or EMCC MP designation. We all know how accrediting bodies try to “measure” mastery: length of experience number of coaching sessions number of clients coach education taking […]

The team wants a diagnostic!

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Hi all, my name is Carlo and I’m the Country Director of SolutionsAcademy Italia. During our experience as coaches and team coaches, it can happen that a team (or a customer) might request to start the process of a team coaching by using a diagnostic. First of all, I need to clarify that there is […]

Finishing Well

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As Kirsten is still on holiday, here’s another post from me, Roy Marriott. (In case you missed last week’s intro, I’m a SolutionsAcademy trainer and mentor coach, an MCC with the ICF, and I’ve been using Solution Focus since 1992. I also have a background in software – Agile Coaching is a particular interest of […]

Making Your Coaching Brilliance Visible to Assessors

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As I’m still on a cycling trip, this week’s blog post is from Roy Marriott – one of the Master Certified Coaches on our team, who loves to train and mentor people in SF coaching to ACC, PCC and MCC levels. Here’s what he’s got to say: When it comes to getting a coaching credential, […]

Be careful what you measure

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As I am writing this, I am on a bicycle trip and as the last time (maybe 2 years ago), I am learning a lot about life and coaching. We are in the south of France, weather is too hot for anything, really, but there we are. We want to make it to Spain. This […]

Stretch targets for coaches


You probably have heard the analogy leadership trainers use to describe productive targets: they should be like a rubber band that is stretched just enough to create some pull. They should not be overstretched so they snap nor should they be too loose so that no tension between what is and what could be can […]

When the coach feels like an impostor

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“Impostor syndrome” is a term coined in the late 1970ies and refers to an experience of many high-achieving women. Researchers had interviewed a group of them and found out that many of them had an “internal experience of intellectual phoniness”. This is not a diagnosis, nor is it in the ICD or DSM, it is […]