Celebrating progress – 2 cool coaching hacks!


What would I write if it weren’t for the participants in my trainings, free coaching meetups and my mentees! A few weeks ago, I noticed a really cool “coaching move” used by one of my mentees. He is a very senior German coach who is taking mentoring to get credentialed as MCC (taking ICF Onboarding […]

More homework!

Dog eats homework

Last week, I blogged about “homework” and several wonderful people took up the opportunity to discuss this question in the “Free Coaching Meetup and Exchange” (register here: www.solutionsacademy.com/registration) — thank you Navneet for picking it up! We used part of the Coaching Meetup to collect ideas for experiments that coaches can invite clients to do […]



Last time, we talked about collaborating with the client to collect learnings before, during and after a session and also mentioned the ICF core competencies which ask the coach to “partner with the client to transform learning and insight into action and to promote client autonomy in the coaching practice” in Core Competency 8. In […]

Collecting learnings during a coaching session


Section D of the updated ICF core competencies is titled: “Cultivating Learning and Growth” and the related competency is named “8. Facilitates Learning and Growth”. The fact that this is the last section of the core competencies sometimes makes people think that “Learning and Growth” only happens at the end of a coaching session when […]

Hot Tips for Group Coaching


Group coaching seems “en vogue” — it seems that every year, we have a new kid on the block: Working out Loud, Mastermind Groups, Action Learning, Reflecting Teams, Thinking Circles etc. These are all wonderful models who are all very similar and have a lot of overlap between them. You can do 2 things now: […]

Start to practice coaching: now!

Start the rocket

“But I don’t know how to practice!” or: “Yeah, but I don’t have any clients!” and: “You can’t coach your friends, can you?” Some of my students have gone through the phase of not-knowing-how-to-start and actually, starting is the only way to learn. In our classes, we always encourage our students to coach right after […]

My client has no topic!


And then? So… what is the problem with no problem? Hm… usually, I would simply say: “Ah — so then, let’s cancel the session and please let me know 48 hours ahead of time next time there is no topic, so we don’t have to worry about cancellation fees”. However, sometimes clients get “regular coaching” […]

Should a coach take notes?

Note taking

Ah, yes, here we are again quoting the golden rule of coaching: “It all depends”. So I am sorry if you came here for a yes / no answer to the closed question above, you will be disappointed. But you still might learn from the considerations below. Note taking “pros”: Note taking helps some coaches […]

Change. Minds. Now.

Change minds now

“Learn how to wire the brain for lasting change”, “Change minds effectively”, “Break negative thinking”, — sentences we read in marketing blurbs for coach training. See me sigh. I get that marketing needs to promise something and maybe also that marketing language is not necessarily written by those who are being marketed. BUT…. ok, better: […]

You cannot not influence

Words have power

We almost had a fistfight in our coaching masterclass the other day! Of course, not really 🙂 — we had a wonderful exchange of ideas around the power of language in coaching sessions. The questions we got so interested in as to almost jump across the screen was “can you really partner with your client” […]