In-House Mentoring


We run our online coach mentoring inhouse for your internal coaches. ICF accredited coaches need 10 hours of mentoring for renewal or upgrade of their first ACC credential. Offering group mentoring inhouse ensures quality and offers coaches upgrade of their skills and ease in credentialing with the ICF. You ensure and demonstrate a high quality of your inhouse coaching.

Individual Mentoring

Individual mentoring is mostly conducted over the phone or in an online environment (e.g. zoom). We charge 200€ (plus 19% VAT, if billed within Germany) for a mentoring session via a phone or online conversation.

Group Mentoring

We can organize regular mentoring groups: for example, 2 hours via the online platform zoom (phone dial in is also possible) every 4 weeks.

With 6 people to a mentoring group your delegates will have the opportunity of having at least one of their coaching recordings discussed and they will have listened to a maximum of 5 other people coach and have gotten feedback.

Booking is very easy through our administrative backend — participants can register online with us thereby reducing the hassle for your talent development team

Here are our packages:

Package Price

7 hour group mentoring package (maximum of  6 participants)

3600 € (plus 19% VAT if invoiced to Germany)

3 hour individual mentoring package over 3 months

600€ per participant (plus 19% VAT if invoiced to Germany)