Meetups for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters

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Meetups for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters

These free online meetups are for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters who want to explore “the Coaching dimension of Agile Coaching” – to make quicker and easier progress with your teams.

It’s especially about exploring how “Solutions Focus” can help with Agile Coaching, and for people interested in ICF certification.

The events are hosted by Roy Marriott – an Agile Leadership Coach, who started out in Software development and Research, first started coaching professionally in 1993, and has been training others to coach in a Solution Focused way since 2005.

What happens at these events?

The idea is that we bring along live issues and challenges that we’re facing in our Agile Coaching & Scrum Master work – and see how the Solution Focus approach can make a difference.

So we start by asking what we’d like to get from the time together, and then explore the topics in whatever way seems most helpful. For example, we might have

  • a live demonstration of SF coaching on an interesting & relevant topic
  • a “reflecting team” where we get input from colleagues on whatever Agile Coaching topic is most bothering us
  • exercises to explore the SF approach to coaching amidst complexity, generating change without generating resistance, psychological safety, feedback etc.
  • lean coffee, to pool our experience with Agile Coaching challenges
  • discussing difficult situations from Agile Coaching / Scrum Master work, and how a Solution Focused approach can help.
  • what is “Solutions Focus” anyway? (And why it doesn’t mean focusing on solutions!!!)
  • answering questions about ICF certification, such as “what is the fastest way to a credential for me?” “which route (ACTP, ACSTH, Portfolio) do I take?” etc.

As you see, this is a very open format… and (so far!) it’s always been a really friendly bunch of people there, enthusiastic about sharing their expertise and resources.

When are these events?

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ICF Accredited Training

We also offer ICF Accredited training, “SF Professional Coaching for Agile”, available in English and German. Click here for more details.