Organizational Development

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Organizational Development

In which situations?

New units have been formed after a restructuring. One department was formed out of two previous units and wants to start collaborating effectively. The whole sales organization wants to exchange best practices. A new strategy needs to be communicated, the people in the organization need to be convinced and commit to implement it. Management would like to start useful conversation with the customers. There is a problem which needs the input of everybody in the whole organization. Future challenges require brainstorming by the whole staff. A new organization is formed and needs a motivating kick-off.

For which organizations?

Profit and not for profit organizations as well as institutions in the public sector. We plan (international) large group facilitations up to 500 people and facilitate the event(s) with our (multilingual) team.

What are the benefits?

Through our careful goal setting process, the organization becomes clear on what exactly needs to be different after the event. The framework is established to avoid disappointment. The event has a noticeable and communicable result. We hate “good-that-we-talked-about-it” events. All relevant stakeholders are integrated so that everybody is committed to implementing the results. New ideas can arise and what is often kept under the rug is talked about openly. Motivation and identification are created.

Where have we done this before?

We have been facilitating large group events in Europe, the US and Asia. We mainly work in the financial sector, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and in the IT and other technology fields, for medium-sized to large global corporations. References are available upon request.

How does it work?

  1. Clarification of goals and framework with the team leaders, HR, the team leader’s superiors (depending on the issue)
  2. Definition of  the target group
  3. Initial interviews with representatives of all stakeholder groups
  4. Event design
  5. Implementation
  6. Follow-up

Which facilitation designs do you use?

  •       Open Space
  •       World Café
  •       Round Table
  •       Conferences
  •       Appreciative Inquiry

Who are the coaches?

We work with a large international network of experienced solution focused coaches who can coach in almost all languages.