On top of Mount Stupid

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Don’t you love the view? If you are like me, you’ve spent years and years or months and months hiking up this beautiful mountain, jumped across rivers, walked on dizzying ridges and now you have made it: you are at the top. The summit of….. Mount Stupid. Don’t judge yourself for it, climbing Mount Stupid […]

Reflective Practice: Developing Excellence

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The Solution Focused approach concentrates on a rich description of the desired future and a description of the instances in which this future was already present. As a social constructionist approach Solution Focused Reflective Practice shies away from inner explanations and instead concentrates on describing the preferred future or the instances of this future already […]

Evoking a Coaching Culture

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“How do you “create” a coaching culture in an organization? What can I do to “establish” a coaching culture in my organization?” These are valid questions that HR, people officers, talent developers, organizational developers and leaders are asking themselves a lot these days. They have discovered the benefits of coaching and would like everyone in […]

Coaching Buzzword Bingo

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We had a really interesting discussion in our Coaching Supervision training the other day. Some of us had participated in a global coaching initiative with many speakers from all corners of the globe and many different approaches. We were astounded by the prevalence of 1000 $ words: Neuroscience, Linguistic, Transgenerational etc. “Solution Focus is an […]

Coaching for diversity and inclusion?

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I was speaking to my colleague Lina-Maria Kotschedoff about coaching and initiatives to further diversity and inclusion. During our conversation we found that a coaching mindset and coaching skills already go a long way: coaches are natural supporters of diversity and inclusion! Here is why and when: Coaching individuals Coaches see their clients as resourceful […]

My client has no topic!


And then? So… what is the problem with no problem? Hm… usually, I would simply say: “Ah — so then, let’s cancel the session and please let me know 48 hours ahead of time next time there is no topic, so we don’t have to worry about cancellation fees”. However, sometimes clients get “regular coaching” […]

Change. Minds. Now.

Change minds now

“Learn how to wire the brain for lasting change”, “Change minds effectively”, “Break negative thinking”, — sentences we read in marketing blurbs for coach training. See me sigh. I get that marketing needs to promise something and maybe also that marketing language is not necessarily written by those who are being marketed. BUT…. ok, better: […]

Coaching Loss and Grief


Sometimes clients come to our sessions with heavy hearts: they have just lost something or someone important to them: a job, a client or even an important person in their life. Maybe they did not lose something but a hope was disappointed: they did not get the promotion, the university they wanted to attend did […]

They could so use coaching — but don’t want to be coached!

Frustrated Man

We had a discussion in one of our ICF Onboarding class: a participant knows a person who would CLEARLY benefit from coaching, but they won’t hear of it. As we discussed in “Coaching the uncoachable” and “How many coaches does it take to change a lightbulb?“, there is not much that you can do in […]