The perspective of the coffee machine

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The great thing about being a mentor and coach trainer is that I learn so much from my participants and mentor coaching or coaching supervision clients! This ingenious coaching move comes from Marleen, a participant in our German Coaching Fundamentals course. But before I tell you about the coffee machine, let me tell you another […]

5 ways to ask future focused coaching questions

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Future focused questions are some of the most powerful and transformational coaching questions you can ask. They invite the client to think about a preferred future and describe it in great detail. In a way, they help create a “memory of the future”, as we can only fill the story we are telling with experiences […]

You cannot not influence

Words have power

We almost had a fistfight in our coaching masterclass the other day! Of course, not really 🙂 — we had a wonderful exchange of ideas around the power of language in coaching sessions. The questions we got so interested in as to almost jump across the screen was “can you really partner with your client” […]

Coaching Loss and Grief


Sometimes clients come to our sessions with heavy hearts: they have just lost something or someone important to them: a job, a client or even an important person in their life. Maybe they did not lose something but a hope was disappointed: they did not get the promotion, the university they wanted to attend did […]