7 steps to ending a coaching conversation


“And noowwwww, the end is neeeeeaarr…”, ok, sorry for my singing :-). However, ending a coaching conversation is not as easy as the final bars of a song. When a song is over, it’s over. Maybe the audience wants an encore, but no-one wants the continuation of the song. This is different for coaching conversation. […]

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue — that’s what American (and maybe also English? — enlighten me, English people, please) brides are supposed to wear on their wedding day. And as I pride myself the queen of cheesy segues: Isn’t a wedding the start of new relationships, new interactions, new webs of meaning? […]

Solution Poker for Prioritization


Overview Scrummasters and agile coaches know the tool of the “priority poker” in which team members can prioritize ideas. There are different forms of this poker. In one variation, all team members are given playing cards from 2 to 10, each idea is called out, and on three, each team member casts a vote on […]



Last time, we talked about collaborating with the client to collect learnings before, during and after a session and also mentioned the ICF core competencies which ask the coach to “partner with the client to transform learning and insight into action and to promote client autonomy in the coaching practice” in Core Competency 8. In […]

My client has no topic!


And then? So… what is the problem with no problem? Hm… usually, I would simply say: “Ah — so then, let’s cancel the session and please let me know 48 hours ahead of time next time there is no topic, so we don’t have to worry about cancellation fees”. However, sometimes clients get “regular coaching” […]

Should a coach take notes?

Note taking

Ah, yes, here we are again quoting the golden rule of coaching: “It all depends”. So I am sorry if you came here for a yes / no answer to the closed question above, you will be disappointed. But you still might learn from the considerations below. Note taking “pros”: Note taking helps some coaches […]