Solution Poker for Prioritization


Overview Scrummasters and agile coaches know the tool of the “priority poker” in which team members can prioritize ideas. There are different forms of this poker. In one variation, all team members are given playing cards from 2 to 10, each idea is called out, and on three, each team member casts a vote on […]

Psychological Safety?

safety net

Ever since the google aristotle project “psychological safety” seems to be the buzz word of teams today. What always amuses me is that it is not really about “psycho” and “logical” safety, it is not about what happens “inside” human beings at all. It is about what happens between human beings. As Mark McKergow says […]

Live Online Team Coaching: a simple structure you can use right away


Many of us coaches and leaders were forced to move our work online during the global pandemic – some of us with more experience, some of us with less. I had the good fortune of having started to work online as a team coach and as an educator of coaches and leaders in 2005, when […]

The impossible team coaching

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Last week I had a session with a few of our team coaching alumni. They had called for “first aid” — a kind of supervision session due to a team coaching process that they had started to engage with. As we always do, they had started with a lovely contracting with the manager of the […]