Individual Mentoring

Individual mentoring is mostly conducted over the phone or in an online environment (e.g. zoom). We charge 200€ (plus 19% VAT, if billed within Germany) for a mentoring session via a phone or online conversation.

Group Mentoring

We run regular mentoring groups: for example, 2 hours via the online platform zoom (phone dial in is also possible) every 4 weeks.

With 6 people to a mentoring group you will have the opportunity of having at least one of your coaching recordings discussed and you will have listened to a maximum of 5 other people coach and have gotten feedback.

Booking is very easy: go to our Registration Page and book

Here are our packages:

Package Price

7 hour group mentoring package 

 600 € (plus 19% VAT if invoiced to Germany)

3 hour individual mentoring package over 3 months

600 € (plus 19% VAT if invoiced to Germany)