Teamcoaching Courses (ACSTH)

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Teamcoaching Courses

Teamcoaching courses (ACSTH)

This course prepares you for an easy transition from individual coaching to team coaching!

Here are some of the main features:

  • highly practical — start team coaching after the first few weeks!
  • learn both online and face-to-face team coaching
  • is ICF accredited
  • provides 30 ACSTH (accredited coach specifict training hours) which can serve as the start of your coach training
  • after this training you can start counting coaching hours toward your ICF credential
  • four 2 hour sessions per week
  • live, interactive online (not a webinar — real interaction with real people)
  • a learning group with other consultants, leaders, HR-professionals, Scrum masters, agile coaches, people looking for a career change
  • global experience and exposure
  • a thorough program which you can integrate easily into your busy life
  • comfortable, fun participation from anywhere in the world
  • makes recorded sessions available to support intensive learning
  • other material: videos, papers, cheat sheets etc. available on our learning platform
  • uses a highly transferable, easy and respectful coaching approach: Solution Focus

There are a few prerequisites:

What this course offers:

  • coverage of the new  ICF team competencies
  • Languages offered: English, German, Italian, Romanian
Module Topics
1 Welcome, goal setting, differences team / individual coaching
2 Structure of team coaching, trust and safety, goal setting
3 Contracting with third parties (manager, HR..)
4 Team Coaching Techniques 1
5 Team Coaching Techniques 2
6 Team Coaching Techniques 3
7 Team Coaching Practice (only 30 hour course)
8 Team Coaching Practice (only 30 hour course)
9 Dealing with difficult participants
10 Conflict coaching (only 30 hour course)
11 Coaching teams to create psychological safety (only 30 hour course)
12 Wrap-up and planning peer groups

Your investment

30 hours “Teamcoaching Course” (ACSTH) 1200 € (plus 19 % VAT*)

20 hours “Teamcoaching Course” (ACTP) 1050 € (plus 19 % VAT*)

Payments can be made in installments. We expect to have been paid in full by the end of the program.

(*19% VAT applies to individuals and companies in Germany, individuals in the European Union, no VAT applies to companies in the EU with a valid VAT number and to individuals and companies outside of the European Union)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Registration, policies on withdrawals and refunds

The course can be paid in installments and we expect to have been paid in full before the end of the program.

Any cancellations will have to be in written form. If the participant cancels later than 30 working days before the start of the program, 60% of the fee (and VAT if applicable) will have to be paid as an administrative fee. The date of the cancellation is the date when the training provider receives the written cancellation. Participants cancelling later than 14 days before the program start or participants who do not attend the program will have to pay the fee (and VAT if applicable) in full.

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