Coaching Buzzword Bingo

We had a really interesting discussion in our Coaching Supervision training the other day. Some of us had participated in a global coaching initiative with many speakers from all corners of the globe and many different approaches. We were astounded by the prevalence of 1000 $ words: Neuroscience, Linguistic, Transgenerational etc.

“Solution Focus is an approach for the simple minded therapist” is a quote by our friend Ben Furman. Not that we are really simple minded but we when we speak to our clients, we try to avoid unclear umbrella terms like “Motivation”, “Deep Reflection”, “Dysfunction” or “Resistance”. Our focus is on helping clients tell their stories in ways that makes them stronger. We invite them to concrete descriptions of their desired future. “When you have more motivation, what will be the first thing that you notice?”

Part of our Buzzword allergy also comes from the fact that we refrain from diagnosing the client or viewing them with a lens that is colored by our theories (e.g. “Dysfunctions”). We aim to collaborate with our clients and take the not-knowing position and partnership very seriously (as do the ICF core competencies btw.).

One result of our discussion was a really cool

Click on the button and see a lot of “wonderful” coaching phrases that you can take as the title for your next book or workshop. You will present in front of an audience of 10000 people next. I promise.

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